Have you been involved in a Theatre Inconnu production or project in any capacity since 1987?   This includes any shows in our regular season, Shakespeare Festival (1991-2002), Puppets for Peace Festival, play readings etc.  Whether you were an actor, lighting/sound operator, playwright, director, crew member (sets, costumes, props), designer, box office volunteer, board member, videographer, etc; we would love it if you could video yourself telling us about your experience. What show/project were you involved in? Is there anything that stands out in your memory from your experience?

All you need to do is just point your cell-phone video at yourself and talk to us for a short while. 30 seconds is fine! Or if you’ve got more to say, 1 to 2 minutes is ideal!  Don’t worry about timing yourself – we’re happy to receive any amount! Then send your video clip via:

your Dropbox account or

or any other upload service.

We’ll take it from there!When we’ve completed a draft of our mini-documentary, we’ll share a link with you so you can view your segment, and suggest any changes to your clip if you choose.We hope that lots of our former colleagues and friends will participate so we can celebrate our 34 years of production history in Victoria with as many of you as possible!