a puppeteers quest for the universal heart
By Timothy Gosley

This show is available for online viewing

Tim Gosley’s
The Heart Coffer: a puppeteer’s quest for the universal heart.
(a multi-discipline show using puppetry, music, and projections)

About the Show
Tim Gosley is grateful to Theatre Inconnu for accepting to produce The Heart Coffer: a puppeteer’s quest for the universal heart.  The show, created during Gosley’s artist in residence fellowship at UVic’s The Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, was going to be cancelled due to COVID; as happened to so many others.  The Canada Council Digital Originals (#digitaloriginals2020) initiative stepped in to provide resources to put the performance online, but there still was needed a venue, and hopefully a live audience.  Theatre Inconnu saved the day by engaging The Fernwood Community Association’s Paul Phillips Hall and providing all things technical.   We are following all COVID regulations, and are allowed a limited audience of 14 patrons for each of our 4 public performances.

The Heart Coffer examines the heart, material and ethereal, through the eyes of Tim Gosley, the grandfather of Canadian puppetry, a boomer puppeteer.  It is an esoteric variety show with a lot of heart and many styles of puppetry: muppet-style, video projected, laser shadowed, object manipulated and there are even puppets made from oyster shells.  The show has a musical weave from fellow boomers, Douglas Henley, (sitar, tar, guitar, electric bass and lute,) and Niel Golden, (tabla, cajón, and hang.) We are miners for a heart of gold.