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Internationally acclaimed writer Rachel Wyatt has penned Jared – a new one-act (45-minute) comedy – especially for Theatre Inconnu.  The world premiere of this insightful one-actor play captures the hopes and trepidation of a young man on the verge of committing to an exciting, yet challenging, life path.  Jared is a 30-year old struggling actor currently working as a barista in a modest coffee bar.  As his regular customers enter and leave, his on-going musings – as he carries out his tasks – provide a rich and heartfelt snapshot of what it means to be human.  At times we laugh along with Jared at the eccentricities of his customers, and at others, we share his sincere concern over their respective struggles.  All the while, we are gaining an appreciation of Jared’s own struggle as he prepares to break free from a life in which he can offer – like any good “bar-tender” – a sympathetic ear and cheerful pick-me-up for others, to a life in which he can begin to realize his own dreams.  This play will leave you with a full heart and a cheerful tear in your eye. To add to the magic, the play will be “accompanied” by a series of delightful character drawings done by the performer, Rudy Smith.

Directed by Clayton Jevne
Performed by Rudy Smith

Rachel Wyatt is one of Canada’s most beloved authors, and is the recipient of the Order of Canada, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. 
Rudy Smith is a recent graduate of the Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts and is also an accomplished graphic artist.
Clayton Jevne has headed Theatre Inconnu since its inception, and has functioned as director, actor, or designer for scores of production.

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Please note:  This is not a live-streaming event.  It has been pre-filmed in our home venue, the Paul Phillips Hall.

Jared at work. Graphic by Rudy Smith
Rudy Smith as Jared