THE AUDITION by James Johnson


Available from Sept 1 – Sept 26
James Johnson’s suspenseful, dark comedy represents every actor’s audition nightmare come to life.



Available for pay-per-view, on-line viewing:
Sept 1 through Sept 26

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James Johnson’s one-act (60-minute) dark comedy, The Audition, is every actor’s audition nightmare come to life!  AND it is also a universal and powerful statement on the responsibilities of those in positions of authority, and the consequences when the power inherent in that position is abused.  Lauren, the innocent young actor, is hoping this just might be the audition that will lead to her big break.  Her auditioner, Stella – the director from hell – holds the key to the door of opportunity.  Those “in the biz” may recognize the outrageous (and sometimes pushed to extreme) paces that Lauren is put through, while others will gain a dramatic insight into the challenges and absurdities that can take place during an audition.  How far will an actor go to get the role?  And how far can Stella push Lauren before Lauren decides to push back?

“It is a ferocious two-hander which pushes the actors to extremes.”
The Barefoot Review, USA
“a powerful piece of theatre.”, UK
“a powerful examination of manipulation, mind games and psychological warfare.”
Glam, Australia

Directed by Branden Sugden
Featuring:  Sophia Radford and Emily Trepanier

Produced by arrangement with (UK)

The show is 60 minutes in length.

Content advisory:  partial nudity, strong language, simulated violence
Possible triggers:  discussion of sexual violence and pedophilia, depiction of gun violence, depiction of physical abuse/violence, depiction of psychological abuse, discussion of self-harm and suicide, depiction of drug abuse, and references to alchololism.

Ticket purchase and Online Access for Viewing

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Available Sept 1 through Sept 26 (2021)

Ticket price is just $7

(for a 24-hour access period starting from the moment of purchase)
You will pay (by credit card) on the day you wish to see the show, and you will have a 24-hour window in which to view The Audition.

Please note:  This is not a live-streaming event.  It has been pre-filmed in our home venue, the Paul Phillips Hall.